Intro and the BIG questions


I’m Matt Hope, a Learning Technologist at the University of Nottingham.  I’ve worked in FE and HE for a total of 7 years, using Moodle throughout.  In my role I’ve always sought to inspire academics to use e-learning in a way that benefits the learner first and foremost, but it’s sometime tricky to do this without seeming like you’re adding to an already bustling workload.

I also support an online distance learning course and I’m fascinated by managing an online learning community to create the best learning experience.  I’ve never participated in a MOOC before so this seemed like a good place to start; i believe there is no better experience than being the learner.

My big question(s):

  • How can I inspire academics to adopt e-learning in their day-to-day teaching when it’s seen as (i) extra work, outside of the core remit and (ii) an uphill struggle to master the latest piece of tech?
  • How can we, as facilitators, create an engaging online learning experience and are MOOCs the future of online learning?

(I would also like to see some examples of where a MOOC might fit into the HE structure).

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